ATM Colony Freshwater Nitrifying Bacteria

ATM Colony Freshwater Nitrifying Bacteria
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ATM Colony Freshwater Nitrifying Bacteria

Trusted by public aquariums all over the world, Colony is the standard when it comes to establishing biological filtration and aquariums.

Before adding livestock, a colony of beneficial bacteria should be established in the aquarium and biological filter. ATM’s Colony establishes this bio-filtration in days instead of weeks with real, commercial-grade nitrifying bacteria.

Colony Freshwater contains live Nitrosomonas and Nitrobacter bacteria which are specific to the freshwater environment.

The bacteria in ATM Colony are living organisms that require certain water quality conditions before use. Please read the instructions before use.



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ATM Colony Freshwater Nitrifying Bacteria


To rapidly establish bio-filtration in new aquariums
After medicating
When adding new livestock
Replacing media

NOTE: Turn off or unplug UV sterilizers, protein skimmers, and ozone generators prior to and 4-5 days after each introduction of ATM Colony Freshwater. Keep at room temperature and do not allow the product to freeze or exceed 43°C (110°F). No water changes until after the fourth day when all bacteria have attached.


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Maintain average water temperatures of 23-30°C (74-86°F). For best results, maintain a pH between 7.2–8.0. Always maintain a minimum 90 ppm Total Alkalinity. Systems requiring a pH level below 7.2 should be slowly adjusted after aging/cycling the system at 7.2–8.0 pH. Shake the bottle vigorously to mix bacteria. For average water, conditions add 118 ml (4 oz) of ATM Colony Freshwater per 95 L (25 gal) of dechlorinated aquarium water (tap water recommended). Dose the entire system volume once. Do not overcrowd the tank. Prevent ammonia and nitrite spikes by feeding fish lightly when applying Colony. Monitor ammonia and nitrite levels and slightly increase feeding rate after 4 consecutive days of at, or near, 0 ppm ammonia and nitrite concentrations. Gradually increase to normal feeding levels.


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