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A couple of things you should know about us as a company! We are a husband and wife-owned business with a family ethos. Each customer is someone important to us. Your are not just a walking wallet or purse. Being hobbyists at heart we understand the importance of a good relationship between us and you the customer. Between ourselves and our loyal employees, we have a total of 74 years experience within the hobby. From marine, tropical freshwater and cold freshwater we got it covered but this isn't to say we know everything and we don't pretend to, we are also still learning and will always welcome new ideas and information.

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Liam & Teresa

Husband & Wife

Owners of Fish n Fins Liam has a vast knowledge of all things marine especially corals. Teresa takes control of the finances and obviously keeps Liam on his toes.

Christine AKA Chris

Shop manager

Chris has a wide knowledge of all areas of fish keeping and has been keeping different types of fish for years. (I won't tell you for how long because it will give her age away)


Online and social media manager + shop boy

Rob has worked for a couple of different aquatic companies throughout his years in the hobby, but his true passion is aquascaping and tropical shrimp.

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